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Big boobs blondeOne of the many jobs I have had was at an electronics store which was pretty boring, except for the rare times when I would get to serve a hot busty customer.

I remember the first time that Sara walked in the door. It was a hot summers day, she was probably about 155cm (about 5’2″ I think) she had a purple singlet top on, that barely could contain her bountiful breasts, with tight fitting 3/4 cutoff blue jeans and her short blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. I’m a bit of a boob hound, so I was guessing a DD minimum but more likely an E cup.

As she walked in, I got a great look at her boobs ever so gently jiggling in her top. Then as she turned the corner and proceeded towards the mobile phone section, I got a great view of her nice round ass bouncing in time with her step. I had started to walk over to serve her but had to stop for a second, just to take that wonderful sight in.

“Good afternoon, how can I help you today?” I said as I arrived at the phone cabinet. She greeted me with a friendly smile and said that she was looking for a new mobile phone. I asked her what she was after in a phone, then went through the usual sales pitch recommending a few of the phones to her. The best thing was I had my pitch down pat from saying it so many times, so while she was checking out the features of the phone, I was checking out the outstanding features down her singlet top. My cock had begun to stir slightly at the view I was enjoying.

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She finally decided on a phone and asked if I could put it aside until the following day, as she wanted to go online and check out the reviews on it. She rummaged around in her bag for awhile looking for a pen and paper. Unable to find it she bent forward towards me and put her bag on the ground while she continued to search. This allowed her singlet top to fall away from her chest to reveal her ample breasts hanging straight down and swaying ever so hypnotically from side to side inside a bra that was built obviously for support and not to please the eye. (Even though those massive tits would have looked great in any bra.)

My cock that had only slightly stirred before, started to push against the front of my pleated work pants as I started fantasising about seeing these huge juggs released to be seen in all their glory. She finally found it and stood back up. At which time my day dream abruptly ended. When I asked what her name was she replied that it was Sara and thanked me for my wonderful service. I told her that it was my pleasure and to make sure to ask for me when she came in the following day, as I thought to myself that I would love to see those massive mammaries again.

She turned and walked towards the shop exit, I followed behind and then stopped to watch her wiggle her way out the door. No sooner than when she had left my sight, I made a beeline straight for the toilet.

I walked into a stall, checking as I went, that the other toilets were all empty, I locked the door behind me and then released my throbbing dick from my pants.

As I let my pants fall to the floor around my ankles, I gripped hard around my shaft and furiously pulled my schlong thinking about the spectacular mounds of titty flesh I just bared witnessed to. My cock was straining before I had even started and it took maybe only a dozen strokes before I was exploding jizz all over the toilet bowl but actually imagining that it was Sara down on her knees in front of me, presenting her juggs for me to cream all over. Afterwards I thought it was funny that Sara was probably walking towards her car thinking about her new phone and had no idea that she had turned me on so much.

The next day was a bit cold and overcast, so when Sara returned to purchase her phone she was wearing a hoody. Even though she was covered up, I could still clearly make out the size and shape of her gigantic tits which strained against the fabric of her jumper.

Over the next few months Sara would drop into the shop for numerous things, most of the time it was just to recharge her phone credit but I always enjoyed ogling her and her big boobs.

Then one night I went out with a few mates. We were at our local pub having a few beers, when I spotted a girl I knew from school. Her name was Christy and I had not seen her in a while. She was sitting at a table with a few other people I knew, so I went over, pulled up a seat to say hello. I was sitting there chatting away. It was a few minutes later when I noticed a blonde girl leaning against the bar wearing a black dress that stopped just above the knee. One ass cheek was sticking out a bit more due to how she had most of her weight on one leg. Just as I was thinking about how much I would like to sink my teeth into this plump rump, she turned around with two drinks in her hand. It was then that I realised it was Sara!

Sara then started to walk across the dance floor in my general direction. I watched as she strutted and she looked really hot… but in a classy way, definitely dressing to impress. The dress complimented her body and fitted well to her curves, with a low cut neckline to expose some cleavage but still leaving something to the imagination. Her boobs were getting some great support from a pushup bra, with the lace just peeking above the edge of her dress. It was not like she needed her boobs to look any bigger, but it did give a perkiness and roundness to the milky white flesh that was showing. I know I appreciated it and I noticed several other guys appreciating it as well as she walked along oblivious to the stares.

As I was thinking about what was the best way to approach her, I started to realise she wasn’t just walking in my general direction, she was walking to our table, I could not believe my luck! When she saw me she gave me a big smile and said hello, then handed one of the drinks to Christy and then sat down next to me.

Christy wondered how we knew each other, with Sara more than happy to oblige with the details. Sara also went on to explain to me that Christy and her were cousins. It was funny because Sara was only 2 years younger than me but I had never known her at School. Sara then mentioned that she had gone to a different School in the same town. Well that made sense, because some people never forget a face, but I am a guy who never forgets a great set of tits.

The night rolled on, the drinks were flowing and we were all having fun. There was a fair bit of flirting going on between Sara and I. The more intoxicated I became the more I flirted, and admired her massive melons. At work I would be the constant professional and would never be as bold as I was being right now. Sara caught me a few times looking down her top but she just smiled at me and didn’t say a thing. When we were dancing she caught me as well, but this time she just gave them a shake, started giggling and spun around, shook her ass at me then continued to dance.

Just before closing time Sara had gone to get another round and as she was returning from the bar, her dress had crept down a bit exposing more of her black lace bra and wonderful juggs. She was getting a fair bit of attention as she walked back over.

I think Christy was a little bit jealous as she had not been blessed as well as Sara in the chest department. As Sara returned to the table Christy said “Can you put your tits away please Sara?!?!”. Sara placed the drinks on the table, then looked down and pulled her dress up. “Whats the big deal? Its not like I had them hanging out.” Christy laughed and replied “You always have them hanging out, I don’t know how your bras survive. How big are your boobs?” “You just wish yours were as big.” I think Christy was trying to embarass Sara by trying to put her down in front of everyone but I liked where this conversation was heading. I chimed in with “I bet I could guess how big they are?” Sara looked at me, laughed and said “Well you have been staring at them enough tonight.” I chuckled and said “I guess you’ve got me there… but I’m guessing an E cup.” “I’m not telling you” Sara said sheepishly. “I’ll find out by the end of the night.” I said with a d***ken confidence. “You can try” Sara replied with a flirty smile.

As the pub was closing, Sara mentioned that Christy was having a few people around to her house for drinks and did I want to come. I said sure and started tagging along. Christy did not seem to like this, as even though she had some jealousy towards Sara, she still wanted to protect her cousin from me, as Christy perceived me as a bit of a player from my days back in high school. We got back to the house and only about 10 people had come back from the pub. We kept drinking and then people slowly started to leave, until it was only Christy, her boyfriend, Sara and me remaining. Christy kept going into see her boyfriend who had gone to bed and then coming back out. Finally her boyfriend yelled out to Christy “Just hurry up and come to fucking bed.”

Sara and I sat on the lounge, me on the left, her on the right, watching TV and chatting. Christy had put a mattress down on the floor for Sara to sl**p on. I was secretly planning on making good use of it tonight aswell. The chat wasn’t anything overly sexual but the flirting continued. Sara yawned, and I thought it’s now or never. “Well it’s nearly the end of the night and I said I would find out what bra size you were. So time to take it off and let me have a look.” I said it with a half laugh looking deep into her eyes. Sara held my gaze and replied lustfully “You’ll have to undo it for me.”

I motioned forward towards her, placing my left hand on her leg, wrapping my arm around her back and pulling her face in towards mine. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue explore her mouth, dashing in, darting out and twirling all around hers. I moved my left hand up to cup her breast, and at the same time she moved her hand onto my crotch. I slowly kissed behind her ear and then all down her neck. I buried my face in her extensive cleavage. With my pants still done up, she started fondling my balls, then rubbing up and down my shaft, making my dick stand to attention. I took my hand from her tits and slid it up her dress, between her thighs to feel that her panties were moist. Sara let out a low moan. I was a bit worried that Christy might walk back out and interrupt us. Sara didn’t seem to care, confirming this with a reply of “I want you so bad, fuck it if Christy walks out.”

Sara then stood up in front of me and proceeded to take her dress off over her head. She obviously wasn’t planning on getting laid tonight as she had on some sensible beige panties that did not match her sexy lace bra, I really didn’t give a fuck as they would be on the floor in a moment anyway. Her body was amazing and I was going to enjoy every moment of this.

Sara knelt down in front of me and pulled my jeans off. She then slid my undies down my legs stopping at my ankles, she couldn’t even wait for me to get them off before she dived mouth first onto my stiff member. She started nice and slow working the head of my penis with her tongue, while slowly wanking my shaft. Her head started bobbing faster, as the blowjob proceeded to get really sloppy. She stopped, looked down at my knob, then spat on it and took my rod back into her warm mouth. I reached over onto her back and undid the clasp holding her bra with one hand. She moaned on my cock as I did this. Sara then let her bra slide to the floor while she still continued to expertly suck my dick. She then sat up and cupped each humongous hooter with a hand, while I gripped my cock hard at this wonderful sight. She gave me a cheeky smile and then wrapped her enormous puppies around my shaft, engulfing it completely. Sara started juggling her boobs up and down, giving me one of the best titwanks I have ever had in my life. Every so often she would spit down her cleavage to keep it well lubricated. After a couple of minutes of this I started bucking my hips to fuck her tits. Sara stopped me though and said “You can start fucking my pussy like that”, she reached into her purse on the floor, pulled out a condom and told me to put it on.

As I rolled the rubber over my schlong, Sara stood up and pulled the waistband of her panties out to the sides and then let them drop to the floor. As I moved to get up, Sara pushed me back down onto the lounge and got up on top of me sliding my throbbing cock into her now dripping cunt. As she started to grind against my rock hard dick, her huge tits started to flop up and down. I moved my mouth to cover one of her big areola and flick my tongue on her nipple. This instantly made my cock go even harder, which I did not think at the time was possible. Sara let out a moan of pleasure as she felt my cock harden inside her. I gripped onto her round ass as I started to pound her pussy. Sara’s moaning became more frequent as I could feel her juices dripping down onto my thighs. Her breathing became shallow, her moaning increased, then her muscles tensed up as she came all over my cock.

Sara got off me, then got onto the mattress on her hands and knees. I moved in behind her rubbing the head of my penis up against her glistening cunt lips. Sara told me “Stop teasing and start fucking!”. I did as I was told. I slid my dick straight up her pussy and started pumping. I finally got to take a good look at Sara’s astonishing ass. I grabbed a handful of cheek with each hand and pushed them together as I continued to pump Sara’s slit with my hard dick. I had a great rhythm going jamming her cunt full of my cock while I watched her ass wobble around. As I started to increase the pace, Sara started moaning louder, backing her ass up to each and everyone of my thrusts. I reached around, cupping her gigantic juggs as they swayed back and forth as I continued penetrating deep inside her warm wet vag. For the second time tonight I could feel Sara’s orgasm starting to build. I starting pumping as hard as I could wanting her to cum hard all over my cock. As she was near, I Pumped in with a few nice long… hard… deep… strokes, which sent her over the edge, her body constricting with passion. As we Stopped for a moment to gain our breath. I said to Sara “Can I cum on your tits?” Sara replied “After that fucking, you can cum where ever you want.” I stood up and took the condom off my dick which was now visibly throbbing. Sara moved to her knees and once again took my cock in her mouth, sucking on it hard. I could feel my cum deposit building in my balls. I took my cock out of her mouth. “One more thing I nearly forgot…” I bent down and picked up her black lace Bra. Sara looked up and laughed. “I knew you were an E cup, now push those big fucking tits together for me, so I can blast them with cum.” Sara sat up nice and straight, pushing her huge boobs together with her biceps, creating a truly wonderful sight. I jerked my cock as fast as I could looking down at that fantastic rack. “Cum on these tits, wank it for me.” Sara encouraged. “I’m going to blow all over your huge e cup titties, here… it… cums…” My first stream of sperm shot out of the end of my knob landing straight on Sara’s chin. Then the next few shots I aimed at those magnificent boobs, coating them with as much cum as I could, knowing that I would never be able to cover them, squeezing out every last drop. I shuddered and felt a little bit light headed, I sat down on the lounge, thinking how great a time I had just had.

Sara grabbed some tissues and cleaned herself up. Sara looked exhausted, as it was now about 5am. I said that “I should probably go, Christy would be pissed if she found me here in bed with you in the morning.” Sara agreed, she kissed me goodnight. I kissed her back, had one more quick suck on her boobs and then left. Never got to fuck her again as she got into a relationship that week but I still got to perv on her when she came into the shop, and we would share a secret smile together. That was a great set of tits to remember.

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Date: May 22, 2017