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18 Years Old Girl Fucked in Hotel


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Redhead fucks and sucks in hotel roomI travel a lot for work and have boring hotel stays. One recently was more eventful.

It was a national chain hotel which I had stayed in before. I got to my room finished my work and began having a look at this site on the internet. All these stories about other people getting laid made me very jealous and very horny. I went to the bar and had a drink, not many people there. I had hoped the receptionist was available, she was pretty, but she wasn’t around.

“you look as bored as I do” said a voice from behind me. I looked around to see a guy in his fifties, perhaps older, “I am” I replied ” these places can get a bit dull after a few days”

He walked up beside me at the bar ” I have stayed here before and its normally full of builder types, all way from home and all looking for the first girl to show interest. Its quiet at the moment” he said

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We chatted for a while longer. I finished my drink ” can I get you one?” I asked “sure, I have a g and t” I ordered and we sat down still talking. He was married and lived near Manchester. I told him I was with someone also.

Another drink, his round.

At around 10.30 the bar was getting full. “I’m going to go to bed now” he said “room 312 if you fancy carrying on” he stared straight at me, no emotion registered. I really wasn’t sure if carrying on meant drinking or sex but the three drinks I had had were telling me it could be fun. “Maybe” I said ” I’ll just finish this”

He left. My heart was thumping as I finished the drink. My cock was hard. I went to the lift and went to the third floor. I wasn’t sure whether I would go to his room or not. My room was two floors below!! I looked for his room and saw it near the end of the corridor. I stopped outside really unsure whether to knock. He must have been looking out because he opened the door.

“Glad you came” He said. He had taken his trousers off and was standing in the doorway in a shirt only. I now knew what was on his mind. The reaction of my cock proved I was up for it though. It was straining. “Come in”

I went in, the room was warm. I looked back and he was undoing his shirt. This was going fast !! “Take you clothes off” he said “you’ll feel better”

I began stripping, shoes first then socks. Then my shirt. I began unbuttoning my jeans. “Turn around” he said. I turned my back to him “ok keep going but slowly” I don’t wear underwear so my jeans slid off my naked ass easily “Nice” he said almost whispering. I looked back and saw him puling at his semi erect cock. “Take them off”. I bent down easing them over my thighs and they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them. Naked now in a stranger’s room. He came up behind me and put his arms beneath mine and reached around to my chest. He started pinching my nipples which Steve (my only passed experience) hadn’t done. It hurt a bit.

“You like that?” he said in my ear. I wasn’t really sure I did but said “Yeah I do” I could feel his cock stiffening and brushing against my ass. He aimed it low beneath my ass and between my legs. He was quite long. I could feel it touching the back of my balls. He kept pinching and rolling my nipples before moving downward over my stomach to my throbbing cock.

” I can see you like it” He said kissing and occasionally biting my neck and shoulder. He reached my balls and held them tight. He kept squeezing until it got too painfull. “Ah careful” is whispered “Shhh” he responded “you love it”

I was getting a bit worried now that he liked it a bit rough and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. His hands then left my balls and began feeling all over my body. “You keep in shape, you have a good body” he said “Thanks” I replied

“Now I think you ought to do something about this” He span me round and proudly showed me his cock. It was long maybe 8 inches? but quite thin. He was proud of it though. He handled it like a weapon. “Go on”

I reached forward and held it. A warm yet hard feel. I was getting used to it. I wanked him for a few seconds before he pushed me down onto my knees. I reached for it again and gave the end a big lick, back of my tongue to the tip. He liked that. I then took the tip in my mouth and flicked it. I felt his hands on the back of my head and I moved down the shaft. I felt it touch the back of my throat so I resisted his pressure. He kept going though and as the cock touched my throat I began urging. He thought that was great. He withdrew some way then pushed back in quickly. He began to fuck my mouth.

I began to get really turned on by this. Initially I was concerned he was rough but now began to enjoy it. I wondered whether he would cum in my mouth or warn me. He pulled out and a felt a dribble of something down my chin. It may have been saliva or a bit of his cum, I wasn’t sure.

“Get on the bed” he said quietly. I did “Lie down” I lay down on my stomach showing him my ass. ” That is such a good sight” he said. I began moving my ass around for him, humping the bed. All of a sudden he was on top of me. He was rubbing his cock on my back and ass and I kept humping the bed. “Oh god yeah” he said “You like my ass” i whispered to him “Yeah I love it, can I fuck it?” “I hoped you’d ask that. Got any condoms?”

He got off me and went to his trouser pocket. He got out a packet and opened one. He put it on and came back to bed. He dropped to his knees and pulled my cheeks apart “oh god” he said as he buried his face in my crack. I felt his nose, mouth and chin run my most sensitive part. Then I felt that glorious moment when he started rimming me. In and out, in and out. I was in heaven and reached under myself to play with my cock. I was near bursting point when he stopped and raised himself up. He held my cheeks apart and brought his cock to my hole.

“Ready for this?” he almost growled “do it” I said looking over my shoulder. He began pushing. Harder and harding until he broke in. It was sharp pain initially then it eased off. He was long but quite thin. HE pulled back and pushed in again going deeper this time. He pulled back again and thrust in again. He did this a few times until I felt his belly toch my ass. I felt full. He carried on with his long strokes for a few minutes then they speeded up.

I was pumping my own cock hard now and was way passed the point of no return. I emptied out all over the bed and myself as I was still pinned to the bed. His thrusting was fast now and he was grunting words which sounded like “bitch” but I wasn’t sure. Then he pulled out. I looked back just as he whipped off the condom. He pumped his cock hard and spirted loads of cum over my back. I felt the warm jets go up to my shoulder blades.

He rolled off and flopped down beside me.

“Christ that was good” he said panting.

I stayed for a while in case hea wanted to go again. I reckon I’d have been up for it but he showed no sign of life. I reached for his cock but he pushed my hand away. I rolled onto my back and slid off the bed leaving a trail of mine and his cum. I dressed and said goodbye. I think he was half asl**p.

I left.

Date: May 18, 2017